Apr 5 - KIA Lodge

Left Nova Scotia on overnight flight to London, next day to Amsterdam, hotel overnight then KLM to Kilimanjaro airport in Arusha.  (north east corner of the map) Whew.

Arrived in Arusha at 20:30 and suffered through the typical bureaucracy of customs, including US$50 each for a visa.

Short drive to KIA Lodge and had drinks with some of the group. Basic hotel, adequate but just.

Apr 6 - Moshi

 Breakfast at KIA, then off with Bahati (Lucky in Swahili), for a visit to Moshi with Jim and Elaine.

Drove through rural areas with great poverty, mostly agriculture - maize and soya beans - with 80% manual labour. Many women with hoes weeding the fields.

Walked through market place in Moshi that was FULL of used clothes hanging everywhere.

Coffee at Union Coffee, locally grown beans and really good cappuccini. Back for dinner and welcome to the last three couples for our trip.

April 7 - Arusha National Park

 Left and did a tour of Arusha National park. Driver was John - really good.

Amazing encounter with Columbus monkeys, strange hairdos. Park includes Mount Meru.

Ended at Arusha Coffee Lodge,. Beautiful grounds (coffee trees, of course). Dinner was OK.

Apr 8 - Serengeti

John was our driver. Off on eight hour (!) road trip to the Serengeti. First bit was tarmac, but most was bumpy, rocky, awful.

Stopped for lunch at the edge of the Ngorongoro crater for an awesome view of the area.

Lunch was interesting, as we were stalked by storks and kites, looking for lunch as well.

Long drive through open plains covered with zebras, gazelles and mostly wildebeest. Many two month old offspring.

Lake Masek Lodge is great, tented rooms, Already have had zebra walking past our door.

Apr 9 - The Plains

Travelled with John. Found 3 lion brothers sleeping off the day. They hunt at night due to better eyesight.

Found two cheetah bursting full of meat on the bank of marsh area. Found another dead nearby, no idea how it died, but recently.

Saw secretary birds, then martial eagle, largest in Africa.

Watched giraffe chewing cud, and swallowing , then another bit pumps up throat for chewing. Cool. They have 4 stomachs. Ran across a group of hyena. Rained out for the 16h00 short trip. Leslie gave an impromptu lecture on lions that was fascinating. Good dinner and bed around 20h00.

Apr 10 - Serengetti

Open vast plains full of wildebeest and zebra on the move. Incredible.

Zebras socialize with wildebeest and giraffes often, They provide mutual look out services for predators, and there is plenty of food for all.

Saw ostrich amongst the crowd. This is considered to be a bad sign, suggesting that the land is reverting from grassland to desert.

Found a cheetah in a ‘hidden valley ‘ just hanging around. Likely fed yesterday, so lazing.
Tawny eagle standing in the water- weird. Then hartebeest.

Apr 11 - Vistas

 Drove to a small retail outpost, located near a large rock outcropping. The land is very flat (think Saskatchewan) so this gives huge vistas,

This male lion (Topi, with dark haunches) thought it was a wonderful spot to sit around and wait for the females to find him some food.

Apr 12 - Elephants and lions

 Looking for elephants and lions.

                                                                        Itchy bum.

Sherry saw lions in tall grass - great find - and we went off road to see them.

                                                    Lunch and dinner

Ran into 13 elephants who came to small pond, great drinking and mud throwing efforts.

Apr 13 - Cheetah

Very long drive across Serengeti plains - 2 1/2 hours - to see the wildebeest and zebras again.

Saw three lions lounging about (zebras were all staring at them).


John saw a cheetah, drove off road to see it, and it jumped onto our truck!!!

After 10 minutes, we had to jiggle the truck to force her to jump off!

On the return drive, we heard of a 30 lion pride, found them, then watched them stalk and kill a warthog. They ate it up close.


Apr 14 - Hippos and Team

Drove a long way today to a hippo pool.

Pictures just 'cause

Our sorry crew!

Lemala camp tonight.

Wood floors but still tents and buckets of water. Talking shower meant man waited outside throughout, asking if temp was OK, do you need more explanation?

Apr 15 - Another day

Lion sleeping on a branch, very close up.

Hyena den on open rocks, with 15 in the family.

A typical scene during our days.

Apr 16 - in camp

Several people sick today, and stayed in camp.  The staff looked after them well.

A scenery shot that night.

Apr 17 - Ngorongoro Crater

Rained heavily overnight.

Long day in the truck, raining all the time, water dripping on my seat in the back. Roads were treacherous, several washouts and scary river crossings.

Arrived at Ngorongoro crater around 13:00, and looked for spot to have lunch. None, so ate in the truck - awful fare. Saw elephants, hyena carrying her cub, lions lounging. Sopa Lodge is a huge step up, real walls, showers (after 17:00) , bar.

Apr 18 - Down in the Crater

Down into Crater today, much better as the rain had cleared and we could see. Road down was slippery wet and exciting.

Male lion that walked right past the truck

Crowned cranes.

Sopa Lodge on ridge of crater is dramatic, too bad the weather is poor.

Apr 19 - Lake Manyara Serena Lodge

Drive to Lake Manyara Serena Lodge was uneventful, mostly paved roads.

Saw mother and two lion cubs in trees ( a signature of this area because of red ants on the ground),

Many baboons

Out to hot water vent and long shot of flamingos on alkaline lake.

Apr 20 - To Zanzibar

Lots of group photos for our last day, tips to drivers,

Flew to
Zanzibar on Cessna Caravan.

Checked in to the Zanzibar Serena - beautiful.

Apr 21 - Stone Town

 Tour of Stone Town with Leslie. Fish market.

Evening entertainment

Dinner at Hyatt Resort, very good.

Apr 22 - tour of Island


Drove to Spice farm.

Then continued to far end of island for lunch. Too long on road, then resort was closed. On to Nungwi Beach Resort by Hilton, awful road in. Lunch at beach was fun.